China’s Double Standard for Inciting Public Disorder

Prosecutors said Zhao incited disorder by organizing a gathering of affected parents at a restaurant, holding a protest sign in front of a court and a factory involved in the tainted milk scandal, and giving media interviews in a public place.

via Jailed China tainted milk activist paroled – Yahoo! News.

The question worth asking after you read the article linked above is, why would the Chinese government work so hard to shut this guy up? Dinner with 12 people and a protest sign written on a standard-sized sheet of paper, hardly seem like behaviors that “incite public disorder”. Better to just call it what it is, “Shut up and sit down. Roll over and play dead. Disobey and your life is miserable.” But Why???

Remember this and contrast it with the massive “strikes” against foreign companies like Honda and the manufacturer of the iphone. Interesting contrast, don’t you think?

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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