Pressing the Reset Button – I Think I’m Awake Now

It's snowing!

The jet-lag flattened me this time around. I don’t know why it’s so much worse this time than all the other times I’ve flown from one side of the world to the other, but this time I got body-slammed by it. I slept like a rock last night and though waking up this morning felt like pulling myself out of a mud pit, I think things will be getting better from here on out. All this to say that’s why there have been no posts for the last two days (and I prescheduled my posts for last Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, except the post from my cell phone at the airport in China).

I’ve also re-discovered why I was taking allergy medicine while in the U.S. before. I’m (still) allergic to our dog (and not just a little) and sleep so much better when I can breathe (who’d have thought?).

It’s snowing huge, fluffy flakes now and it’s so nice to see everything so white again. I’m not sure you can find a “clean” white in China, although most of their indoor walls are painted that shade, so this lovely blanket on my deck and lawn are wonderful. And the air is clear! Yay! I look forward to regaining healthy lungs.

Merry Christmas!

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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