Kudos to Mr. Hot Stuff. He’s the Man.

Today was our last Saturday as a family in China. Mr. Hot Stuff took Mei Guo shopping at Beijing Lu (a pedestrian shopping center) because she wanted to go one last time before we abandon leave her behind. Here’s what makes him so awesome for doing this:

  1. He’s male. He went shopping with his daughter. I probably don’t need to make comments about volunteering for torture. (I guess I just did though.)
  2. The pollution here has been horrible. I seriously feel like I’m trying to breathe pea soup and it hurts for me to go out in it. After one hour I begin to lose my voice. Mr. Hot Stuff offered to go with her in order to spare my lungs.
  3. Mr. H.S. is a Man who enjoys spending one-on-one time with his kids. I just think that is the Best and they do too.
  4. Because he went traipsing around Guangzhou today, I was able to go to the church Christmas party tonight and not be feeling horribly sick or miss it altogether. The party was a lot of fun and singing Christmas carols really helped me get in the Christmas spirit.
  5. This has been a really long day for him, and I think he knew it would be right from the start. We came home from the Christmas party, but he is still there in a meeting with our church’s District President. It’s 11:00 P.M. Tomorrow he will be released as the Branch President of our little congregation. I’m sure that preparing for this is a very bittersweet thing.

Four days left. How is it possible to feel depressed and exhilarated at the same time?

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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