Adventure of the Day

A sign on the Sam's Club "people mover".

Yesterday was so busy that I completely forgot to post. Sorry about that.

Today I had an “adventure” traveling to visit a friend at one of the many, many hospitals in Guangzhou. I got to the Clifford Bus Terminal and a kind lady pointed out that I had put my shirt on inside out. She held my place in line while I ran to the (smelly) public toilet to fix it.

It was an hour and 45 minute journey to get to the hospital, but there were not too many hiccups in the process, until I got to the location and found that no one answered the phone number I’d been given to call for assistance to find the specific building and room she was in. Talk about discouraging and deflating.

At any rate, I had arranged to meet my daughter for lunch, so I tried to shrug off my disappointment and locate the nearest metro station. After wandering around in the hot sun for nearly half an hour, I finally hailed a cab and had it drop me at a metro station near our meeting place.

We had a great hamburger at The Tavern Sports Bar in Zhujiang Xin Cun (Zhujiang New Town). I love the food there, and they understand when you order in English (Big Bonus). It was nice to have lunch and chat with Mei Guo. We wandered the area for a little while afterward so that she could learn where some of the other Western restaurants were around there. Gail’s Restaurant is also in the area and their food is good as well. I’m somewhat familiar with this area because it is near where we attend church.

By the time I made it home from this “adventure”, I had a ripping migraine from the heat and basically went straight to bed (with a book) in an air-conditioned room. Today’s is one of those headaches where if I don’t move too much, I’m okay.

We found a good home to give our bike helmets to so we will not be shipping them back to the U.S. I’m glad someone here can use them, they are not so easy to buy here, but there are so many accidents.

My throat hurts from spending the last two days in the City’s thick haze. I feel like garbage right now, so I’m closing this post knowing that tomorrow has to be better.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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