Life is Hard for Those Who Live in a Culture of Corruption

The U.N. Humanitarian officials think that the international response to the Haiti cholera epidemic is lackluster and other nations should do more, but what I’m wondering is why should other countries care more about the people of Haiti than they care about themselves? People use the excuse, “Oh, their government is so corrupt” but refuse to acknowledge that the people are corrupt as well. If the government is corrupt and the people riot, there must be a level of protection given by the people to protect the lives of doctors and nurses who have come to help, but there is not. The government either cannot or will not provide protection and the people loot, plunder, and riot on a whim, acting out in anger but without direction; hurting one another, not changing anything about the government and making it unsafe for volunteer aid workers. Doctors and nurses are not soldiers to be shot at and looted so that people can have medicine to sell on the black market. There are some brave souls who will go there to risk their lives in service and they should be commended, but those who say, “No, I have a family and people here at home who need me” should not bear chastisement or condemnation for their choice.

If four people try to stop a person from committing suicide and the suicidal person starts shooting the people who are trying to prevent his suicide, who should first-responders try to protect first? When paramedics show up at a crime scene, they don’t rush in to save people until the police have secured the area.

In light of that, you read these news articles and see what you think.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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