Can You Afford to Pay Extra for Integrity? Can You Not?

Melamine-tainted dairy product reappears in China.

Reports of melamine-tainted dairy products resurfacing in China’s markets have triggered alarm bells once again in the country, less than two years after a dairy scandal in 2008 caused much concern over food safety.”

Foreigners in China can usually afford to buy imported milk or at least milk that sponsors large public events like the Expo or the Asia Games, thus providing some assurance of safety. It stinks to be poor though.

If you think this kind of corruption only happens in China, think again. Remember this?

If you want a save world, it starts at home. Be absolutely honest in your dealings with others and teach your children to do the same. If your delight at being given back too much change or being under-charged for a product comes with a feeling of sneakiness or vindictive triumph, it’s your conscience telling you that you could be a better person than that. Listen to it. Return the change, correct the pricing for your product, make the world a place of greater integrity for yourself, your family, and others. You can change the world one day at a time.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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