It Was a Great Day Today

This evening my internet capacity has been spotty, so this post is probably going to be splotchy as well.

Today was a great day. Here’s why:

  1. I got 4,000 words written on my novel! Whooo! Happy dance!
  2. I had Indian food delivered from the India Gate Restaurant for dinner. No cooking! Very few dirty dishes!
  3. I got a couple of great emails from family members. My kids are AWESOME.
  4. Mr. Hot Stuff is, well, hot. And he does dishes too. And cooks surprise birthday omelets.
  5. I have new shampoo and conditioner. Suddenly, my hair isn’t falling out like crazy. Go figure. Wish I’d figured out about this a year ago. Four words: In China, buy Pantene. (Not that Rejoice! stuff. Unless you don’t mind shedding hair like a dog in spring.) Thank you for the tip, Mei Guo.

Look at this cool picture of a piano that I took at the Festival Mall while I was in Hong Kong.

This piano has a hood ornament.

How many pianos have you ever seen with a hood ornament?

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂


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