It Was the Site of a Great Battle in the Opium War

Today I went with a group of other ladies to visit the Opium War Museum and the Sea Battle Museum in Donguan City. It was a long trip on the bus, and it was interesting to see some of the locations of famous events of the Opium war. This was a significant war between the British and the Chinese which eventually ended up with the British rule of Hong Kong Island. I took some good photos, but today’s post is mostly a teaser because it is too late in the day to explain the story well enough. I will do a decent write-up and show you more photos tomorrow or the next day. Here are some interesting photos from today that don’t really relate to the Opium War.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂


    • There is a slideshow of just some random things on the trip. I will post some photos about the fortress and battle after I get back from my weekend journey. I need Mr. Hot Stuff’s help to make sure I keep my facts straight on some of the events.


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