Be the ONE. There’s Power There.

“Yes, those who live on the small side of the numbers, rarely see life as numbers at all, and when they do, it’s always the number one. They understand the power of one. They understand that mathematically, 100% simply equals one.

They understand the power that one person has to overcome anything they want. They understand the power that one person has to help another human being. They understand the power that one person has to brighten the day of a stranger. They understand that one person can move a mountain, even if they have to do it one wheelbarrow at a time.”

via Single Dad Laughing: The small side of the numbers.

Twenty+ years ago I struggled with postpartum depression. As I searched for answers and a way out, I read something that changed my outlook forever. I read the book, Peace, Love, and Healing by Bernie Seigel. In one part of the book he talks about the statistics of cancer patients and cancer survivors. He said that the patients who were the most likely to heal, were the ones who realized that the statistics didn’t apply to individuals. When individuals realized they might live on the side of the numbers that brought them healing, and they fought for that, then they were more likely to LIVE. Of course the book is more complex than just this, but the point is: We are individuals and sometimes – most times, I’d say – we can choose which side of the statistics we stand on. We can choose to be the one who makes a difference. We can choose to be different and in so doing, enable others to make strong choices too.

Read the guy’s blog post. It will be worth your time, guaranteed.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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