Gratitude Given Imperfectly – Day 12

I am SO thankful for electricity. This morning the power went out for about an hour. Then it came on again. For about 30 seconds. Then off for about 2 minutes, then on for about 20 seconds, then off for about 10 seconds, then came back on. And actually stayed on. But it had to be on for a half-hour before I trusted it enough to plug the computer back in.

Chocolate Cake
Hang on, are those finger marks scraped against the bottom of the pan?! Seriously? C'mon guys...

Arctic Boy was so sad. He had a 1 1/2 hour school break this morning, forcing him to read a book on his Kindle. Poor guy. When the power stayed on and we could boot up the ‘puter, he was so happy to “go back to school” that he did a happy dance right there in the loft. Perhaps I exaggerate a little. But not too much. Arctic Boy is under the gun to get his online school finished before we return to the U.S. Unscheduled days off just don’t fit in the timeline. Never mind that today is actually a day off for all the Chinese kids because of the Asia Games Opening Ceremony. Lucky them. But don’t feel too sorry for AB. He had Monday off due to our internet being down. Besides, who else gets to break for chocolate cake in the middle of the school day?

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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