Is It Me, Is It China, or Is It WordPress? I Need Your Help

I have someone telling me that they can’t get comments to go through on this blog, so to narrow down the problem, I need some of you dear readers to post or attempt to post a small hello in the comments part of this post. Please let me know if there is any difficulty that you encounter when attempting this. If you can’t get a comment to go through, please email me at . Thanks in advance for your help.

winner-winner, chicken dinner


    • I’m seeing this comment, but whatever you commented on the Elizabeth Smart post has not come through. I’m mystified about what’s going on here. Would you mind double-checking on your end to see if there are any signs it went astray?


  1. I am sooo enjoying your blog! Thank you so much for all of your exciting stories and fun and interesting observations. Maybe one day I will get a chance to see China with Scott!


    • Thank you, Melissa. I hope you and Scott have the opportunity to come someday too. Living here has sure changed the way I see EVERYTHING else. Also, thanks for helping me try to figure out this comments problem.


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