Gratitude Given Imperfectly – A Thanksgiving Habit, Day 8

I am thankful for working internet. Remember 15 years ago when “they” said that if you couldn’t go a day without getting on the computer then you might have a behavioral addiction? Heh. Yeah, so… Life here can pretty much grind to a halt since Arctic Boy’s school is all online. I use Skype to make my phone calls to my family in the U.S. and email, blogging, and Facebook are ways I keep in touch with family and friends. This does sound sort of my-body-is-here-but-my-brain’s-over-there pathetic, but keep in mind this next thing also. When I want to get together with people here in China that I can actually communicate with, I have to go on the internet to check out the activity calendar for GWIC (Gz Women’s International Club). Oh look, they’re having the Holiday Bazaar on my birthday. Sweet.

Also, I’m really thankful I didn’t have to type this up and email it from my cell phone.

winner-winner,chicken dinner 🙂

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