Sponsor a Girl Scout and Help Keep Jobs in America

NJ factory fears China will get Girl Scouts work.


Click here to go to the Girl Scouts website.


If you are someone who wants to protect U.S. jobs and companies, you might want to speak up about this situation. Better yet, offer to help out or sponsor a local Girl Scout troop with girls who might need financial assistance to participate. If you have someone you care about who belongs to this organization, you might want to speak up to the headquarters and try to make a difference. If you want jobs to stay in America, you must be willing to pay American prices. If you want Chinese prices, then kiss the jobs good-bye. Here is the link to contact the Girl Scouts of the USA national headquarters.

To be honest, my love of the Girl Scouts organization has cooled considerably since they have become more and more liberal/progressive in the things they teach and the activities they promote. Nonetheless, I still think they are filling an important niche that no other organization has stepped up to fill. Now’s your chance to make a difference for someone. Don’t be a hypocrite though, and complain about this unless you are willing to make a difference on the local level. The uniform costs can be very burdensome for girls from low-income families and unless you are willing to sponsor a troop or help allay that burden for some of those girls, you have no right to complain about the organization doing whatever it can to make things easier financially on those families.

Please share this with people you know who may have an interest in Girl Scouts. My impact at this blog is not enough if people don’t spread the word.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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