About Being Pretty, Fairytale Magic, and Noble Princes

This subject has been playing around in my head for several days, starting with a post on Single Dad Laughing and then with the video clip I’ve posted below. Here are my own thoughts on it:

When I was a little girl my mother read to me, probably every day (I wasn’t keeping track back then). She read encyclopedia “stories” about why we have Halloween, or what makes the dromedary camel different from the bactrian camel. She also read me fairy tales. Wonderful stories where evil people dressed beautifully but were still ugly, and kind people dressed shabbily yet were still beautiful. She read me stories about noble princes who learned to see past the outside clothing and dirt into the heart of a girl that others had seen as worthless or ugly. She read me stories that showed the importance of always being kind to old people and trying to make life a little easier for those around you. She read me stories that showed how life became richer for those who shared with others. From these stories I learned that “pretty is as pretty does”. This was not a phrase I ever actually heard come out of my mother’s mouth but she taught it just the same. Every day my mother read to me, taking me over and over to drink from the well of beauty and the fountain of truth.

This video clip is making the Facebook rounds these days. While I appreciate the message Katie Makkai is trying to send, I disagree with her method. (note, there is a “bleeper” word in the video)

Society’s attitude about beauty or “pretty” will not be changed by rage or shouting. It will be changed by acts of kindness and love that help us all remember that “pretty is as pretty does” and that the noble princes are the ones who learn to look past external appearances to gaze on the heart.

Please, remember the real lessons of the fairy tales. It’s not that some unknown, external “magic” brings beauty and happily-ever-after, it’s that we bring it ourselves by being people who make kind and beautiful choices. We make our own magic and build loyal kingdoms when we learn to see the good in the hearts of others.

Thank you, Mom, for teaching me truth and telling me fairy tales. Thank you for showing me kindly that “pretty is as pretty does” and not telling me in angry words that I was “more important than pretty”. Every girl wants to be pretty. Thank you for telling me how. You’ve blessed the generations; when my daughters came wanting to know if they were pretty, all I had to do was remind them of the stories. We choose our own beauty, and there are real princes out there who also have learned what lasting beauty is. I know, I married one.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

P.S. Please share this with others. Do you know someone who has forgotten their true beauty? There is a lot of joy that comes to life when you learn to recognize true beauty. Sharing it only spreads the joy. Who in your life taught you to be beautiful and see it in others?


  1. This was great, I shared it with my mom, and she actually said pretty is as pretty does. She loved it, you are a hit with my family. Excellent


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