Why Is This on My Noodles?

I bought a package of Western-style shell noodles to make some pasta salad the other day. These noodles are made by a Chinese company, not imported. I was looking at the package after I dumped them into my pot of boiling water, and noticed that aside from the brand name there was a little English on the package. Here is what it said:

“May the breeze bring you the tenderness
and warmth from me far from each
other we may be. you still are here
at the bottom of my hear”
Okey-dokey then, that makes sense! I’m so glad to have my day brightened by knowing that my noodles love me. What makes it even funnier to me, is I might be able to go to the stationery store and find this exact same message on the outside of a journal or blank book. Most blank books have something similar on them. It’s considered an additional sales point. The books that don’t have this nonsense on them are usually cheaper, lol.  Ahh, the price some folks will pay for cuteness! If it has “Mikey Mowse” or “Winie the Poo” it automatically commands an even higher price. How can you not love it?

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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