Asian, Para games to cost China $18 bn

Asian, Para games to cost China $18 bn.

I can certainly believe this. For the last year, the roads and the sidewalks in Guangzhou have been systematically ripped up and relaid. It was partly due to this that I twisted my ankle so badly last… hmm, April, I think it was. I still have trouble with it sometimes. At any rate, they’ve tried to even out the sidewalks and cut some curbs so they are more handicapped accessible. New roads and bridges have been built, tall buildings completed, public toilets cleaned up (stunning, that). I’ve been trying to figure out why the sidewalks and little back roads on our way to church have been getting a face-lift. What foreigners are they trying to impress with that? Our little branch of the church has been meeting there for years and no one ever cared before… It finally dawned on me – it’s the Ramada Inn that is only 1 block from where our church meets. (And here for a moment, I thought maybe the government thought we were special… lol)

Oh and the Metro! You would not believe the work they’ve done on that. Huge! New lines added and older lines expanded. Line #2 is being extended all the way to the airport. I really can’t describe what an incredible feat that is… nope, I have no words for it. One good side benefit is that this line runs fairly near where Miss M. is living in the dorms at GDUFS. Now she can take the metro all the way to church on Sundays, where before she had to take a taxi at least half-way. The government would argue with me, but I say, the subway is a god-send and knowing Miss M. can get around easily and safely on it will make my mind a lot easier when it comes time to leave her here in China when we return to the U.S.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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