What’s That Jeep-bus Thing in the Photo?

That Jeep-bus thing is called a Jeepney and it’s a primary mass transit method in the Philippines. They are privately-owned and decorated and named by their owners. Names of saints are common, as well as names for God or Jesus, or various virtues, or family names. Some of them look rather run-down, but many of them sport shiny paint-jobs and add-ons that give the conveyances a personality and look all their own.

They taxis all have names too. They are not really decorated as much, but usually the name is painted on the door.  There are also motorized tricycles for hire that transport people from one place to another. These are usually named and “custom” outfitted as well. Amazingly, they hold up to NINE people!

The “comfort rooms” were a surprise to us also. Not that they are unusual in themselves, but we just found it funny the way they found a more “polite” way to say “restroom”, “bathroom”, “toilet” (that’s what they call them in China), WC, loo… Yeah, I think we needed one more way to name it. lol.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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