Chinese Sink Gunk Looks Just as Disgusting as American Sink Gunk

Some things are universal. Like sink gunk and slow drains. Here in China it’s a bit of a challenge, okay, sometimes a LOT of a challenge, to get slow or stopped-up drains cleared. Hunting through the cleaning section in a Chinese supermarket is interesting though, if not productive. It’s hard to tell exactly what type of product you are looking at. Store employees try their best to give assistance, but the language barrier can create significant challenges. The store near our apartment in Clifford Estates is nice because most labels have at least some English on them, which helps a lot. Often it’s an interesting version of pigeon-English which is frequently good for a laugh, but any English is better than no English – well almost.

Still, I feel daunted at the thought of trying to figure these things out sometimes, like with the drain-cleaner. I’d just rather not face it. Then today I remembered a great trick I’ve used in the past in the U.S: Boiling water.

I know. It sounds like, “Duh, basic.” But I’d forgotten about it till today, so this morning I’m boiling and refilling pots of water and pouring it down the drains. For some of the sinks it’s taking up to four pots of water, but it’s working. Yay! (I know that’s not the technically correct way to spell that word, but I like it better than “yea” which just looks too biblical to me.) I still have to dig down in the drain with a long implement and pull out hair and paper (?what’s that in there for?,) eeewww, gross, but all the “gunk” is loosened or gone so I can actually make progress getting the other yucky stuff out. (Nasty shiver, I so hate this!)

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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  1. Hahahah! The drain idea is pretty hilarious, I battle with that constantly. I really enjoy your blog not too short nor too long and poignant, not one of those overly “hey ma look at me I’m in China blogs…” – keep it up!


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