Continuing the China Sourdough Experience

I went back to the Garden Cafe today to finish the sourdough bread I started yesterday with Coco.  18 hours in this warm weather was a little hard on the dough and I had to knead in a lot of extra flour. I told Coco that they should probably refrigerate the dough for the 18 hours so it will rise more slowly. That way it won’t be so slack in the morning. The bread tasted good but the loaf form was not so great. Ah well, they’ll try again tonight and refrigerate the dough. 

We also made a "quick" French bread using the starter. This bread turned out AMAZING. Both beautiful and delicious. The words just fail me. Coco is going die of happiness when she tries it. (I left before it cooled enough to cut it, but she sent one loaf home with me.)
I’m going back Friday and we will try to make ciabatta bread and I will also show her how to make sour cream in a yogurt machine.
Tonight we are having chicken sandwiches for dinner on fresh-from-the-oven English muffin bread (made with sourdough starter of course).

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