Cloudy, cloudy, cloudy, sun! Cloudy, cloudy, cloudy, sun! It feels like the clouds and the sun are playing "Duck, Duck, Goose!".  It would be helpful to be either a duck or a goose with the off-and-on rain we’ve been having. Of course, then it would be all to easy to end up on someone’s dinner plate, so never mind.

It’s been cooler lately which has kept the frogs quiet (oh blissful silence!), but I think it hasn’t slowed down the mosquitoes too much.  Thank goodness we have plenty of warm-blooded, hungry bats around here! Did I ever mention, I love bats. Bats can eat 500 to 1000 mosquitoes in one hour. And they are quiet. Shh! Go bats go!  Want to learn more cool stuff about bats? Go to this website: http://batconservation.org/content/Funbatfacts.html
Rain without wind is an interesting sight. I usually associate some wind with it, but here, oftentimes it just falls straight down. Fast or slow it just drops in a vertical free-fall from the sky.  

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