Lovely, Lovely Weather (This Week)

I think we may be having the weather that South-East China is famous for.  It has been really great, not too hot, green grass, blooming shamrocks (which seem to be weeds here), noisy birds in the trees and the frogs are back barking loud as ever.

There seems to be some sort of cold-germ going around (it came with the yo-yo weather pattern) and it has people coughing all over the place.  The Chinese don’t seem to have the habit of covering their mouths when they cough…. Anyway, Miss S. came home from school sick today.  It’s so much less worry to take care of this sort of thing since we have some familiar medicines from the U.S. as well as some herbal tea that helps.  
I am feeling so much better since re-starting my running routine.  I hope to be able to run in the Freedom Run 5K again this summer.  Maybe I can do it faster this time… I’ll have to push myself to be ready.  Thank goodness for Cardio Coach!  Those programs help me a ton.
Life is pretty boring at the moment (I prefer it that way actually).  The grounds crew started mowing the grass today.  This means that they cut it almost completely to the ground so there’s no green part left and rake up the grass clippings into piles and then haul it off to who-knows-where.  The grass was lovely before they cut it…  I get the impression the Chinese are not so experienced about growing grass.

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