My Ugly Finger Condition

Ok, so it looks similar, but it’s different.  It’s not a cherry hemangioma that I had on my finger.  It’s a pyogenic granuloma.  A rather vicious form of "blood tumor" as the Chinese doctor called it.  It’s like a hemangioma wart. Eeew. First they tried freezing it off.  Didn’t work.  😦  Then they burned it off after injecting asnesthetic.  I’m glad I didn’t eat breakfast this morning before I went.  I have two things to say about this:  That’s gonna hurt, and that’s gonna leave a mark.  I hope it doesn’t come back.  I have some special Chinese medicine (zi zhu or folium callivarpae nudiflorae, Japanese Beauty-Berry) that should help prevent it’s return.  Total cost for consultation, treatment(s), and medicine: $18 U.S. dollars.

One comment

  1. Hope it heals quickly, and doesn’t come back. That doesn’t sound fun at all. Erin and Spencer and their kids are now together in Hawaii. I no longer have any grandkids close. *sob* Robert and his wife are expecting in spring. It feels weird to be starting all over again. lol Give Brad our best!


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