“Tomorrow Out Only Today”

I’m finally feeling better.  Sinus and ear infections can take a while to overcome.  Thankfully, antibiotics can be purchased over-the-counter here.  Of course you just pray they aren’t bad counterfeits.  These seem to have worked well for me. 

“Tomorrow out only today”- quote from a t-shirt I saw someone wearing on the bus today.
They put the strangest, most nonsensical things on some of the t-shirts
here.  We get a real kick out of trying to figure out what on earth
they mean or trying to make a better English translation than some
Chinese person came up with.

Miss M. and I were walking to the bus today and
passed a caution sign that said, “Caution: overhead work”.  The hose
was dragged across the lawn and was filling the central fountain. LOL

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