October Holiday

Well it’s been a boring week, aside from parent-teacher conference day which was so long and exhausting I still don’t want to think about it, let alone write about it. 

This week was the Chinese National Day (think 4th of July in the U.S.) commemorating the anniversary of the Communist rise to power in China.  No comment. (May I say, I’m really looking forward to being in the U.S. on Independence Day?)  This holiday also coincides this year with the Harvest Moon Festival, so the celebrations are doubled up.  I have had a cold and so stayed home for any events tied to these holidays.  For the Moon Festival everyone gives moon cakes to all their friends.  Some people really like them, others view them in a similar light as many Americans view holiday fruit cake.  I think though that overall, moon cakes are liked by more people here than fruitcake is in the U.S.  No, they are not at all the same sort of thing.  in the middle of the traditional moon cake is egg yolk. My biggest involvement in this holiday is I’ve heard fireworks at all hours and seen more school-age kids around my neighborhood than I have ever seen since we came here.  Too bad to be sick right now.  October Holiday rivals Chinese New Year in importance.

Mr. Hot Stuff took the kids off on a holiday adventure to a mountain village in Gui Lin.  It sounds like they’ve had a great time.

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