Our First Chinese Medical Experience

Last Saturday, while I was home making bread, Miss S. was out bungee jumping with friends (crazy!).  She had a blast. Miss M. and Mr. J. went with Mr. Hot Stuff and some friends to the beach (long drive, hot sun).  They sounded like it was fun, but they couldn’t stay long before they had to come back.  While at the beach, Mr. J. fell and landed on the side of his face in the sand, getting an earful of sand.  He rinsed it there as best he could but Sunday he came to me and said that he thought there was still sand in his ear, so he used a bulb syringe and rinsed it again an got some more sand out, but the hearing in his ear continued to worsen as well as some pain.  We called some friends for help and they recommended we take him to the hospital here in Clifford.  Our friend picked Mr. Hot Stuff and Mr J. up and gave them a ride to the hospital and stayed to act as translator.  People here have been so patient and helpful to us.  I don’t know how we’d manage without them.  The diagnosis for Mr. J. was an ear infection.  They don’t want to clean the rest of the gunk out of his ear until the infection and swelling are down, so they sent him home with Ceclor antibiotic as well as something “natural” (possibly homeopathic, but not sure) to help with the infection swelling for a couple of days, and something “natural” for pain relief.  The pain relief stuff actually had a small label in English on it, stating what it was, “Fel. Ursi”.  I checked it out online – Bear gall.  Ummm, yeah, I don’t think that’s one we’ll use.  After doing some research about it, you’d have to convince me that there was NOTHING else that could be used for the same purpose (that’s about as likely as Hong Kong freezing over) before anyone in my family will touch the stuff.  Mr. J. seems to be doing better, though he doesn’t comment much on things like that (I should call him Mr. Stoic) and he has a pretty high pain tolerance.  I think this is the first time we’ve been able to take care of an ear infection for him in time to prevent an eardrum rupture. 

Miss S.’s PE class is doing dance right now.  She has an “assessment” (code for test) to create a short dance segment and perform it.  I watched her practicing last night and it looks pretty good.  She moves well with the music, so I think she’ll do fine.

Also, Miss S. has been called to be the branch chorister, leading the music in Sacrament Meeting each Sunday.  She did really well this past Sunday.  I think she’ll do a good job with this calling.

Miss M. is helping with English conversation in a business English class that our branch president teaches. (I can’t remember if I mentioned this last time.)  She LOVES it.

We should have a piano delivered this week (we are renting it).  Yea!!!

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  1. Always enjoy reading the updates. It sounds like things are slowly becoming "normal", getting settled etc. Tell everybody "Hello" and we will miss you at Miss Missy’s Wedding.Love you guy’s,Aunt C


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