No More “Quick Dash” to Church

Well we’ve gone from being spoiled by being able to dash to church a block away at the last minute to taking an hour bus ride to the city, and an hour ride home.  Just now we meet only for 2 hours each Sunday, because the attendance numbers are so low, but that will soon end as the school-year gets into gear and we have all the BYU people who are coming to teach English.  Also, Seminary students meet for an hour after church starting in September.  I’m glad the branch takes care of that, but it will make for a long day.  Sack lunch anyone?

I met someone at church who can help me to get a larger oven, so I will need to go visit "Lady C" at the Garden Cafe, and tell her not to get me the oven she has after all.  I will still be happy to teach her how to make bread, and look forward to it.

This morning I noticed I had worn a hole in a sock.  I think I will have to keep one pair of shoes for "inside" and the rest for "outside".  If shoes are so hard to get in my size here, I’m not too certain about socks in my size either, so I’d better take care of both things.

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