What Can You Fit in a Suitcase?

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What Can You Fit in a Suitcase?


After a little searching I have found more than one way
around the "Great Firewall". I’m much less worried now about becoming
unable to get online for the things I want to do. Thankfully it’s not that

We are having some interesting times trying to get items like our ClearPlay DVD
player and the computer to China
with us. It looks like we will be experimenting with "what exactly can you
fit in your suitcase?". It should be interesting…

As far as all the boxes go, we have had to number each box and keep a list of
what is in each box. This is to make the time going through customs a little
smoother when the shipment arrives.

BlendTec makes a blender that will work in China – yea! They are expensive,
but it will be so nice to have a few semi-familiar conveniences while we live
there. We will have it shipped later (they have to build it for us first).

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