The China Diet

China Blog A22 (because I typed what would have been A21
directly onto the blog) 08-06-2009


The China


I’m not sure how I will post photos onto Facebook or this
blog when using a proxy server. (Yikes!!! It is still storming as I write –
using battery power – and it is one impressive display just now, though not as
bad as our camping trip in Omaha,
Nebraska was years ago.  You sure have to respect Mother Nature).  I think I will probably set up a Picassa or
Flickr account (hope I don’t have to proxy that too) for you to view
photos.  I’ll let you know.


Snack food from the U.S. is easily available here in
the Clifford/Panyu area.  The
“difficulty” for me is that I don’t eat refined sugar.  Without the “health food” options that I had
available locally in the U.S.,
I have much less snacking going on.  I
eat some crackers or fruit occasionally, but most of it is unfamiliar, so it
doesn’t have much “comfort food” value. 
I have no scale, but I know I haven’t gained any weight since moving
here, and I may have lost a little, all while lounging around in hotels.  For all of us though, the food is unfamiliar,
so we tend to stop eating when we are satisfied rather than full at
mealtime.  It should be interesting to
see what happens with all our weights.


I have curly hair now, which has surprised my children and
Brad.  I don’t even try to make it
straight – why fight a losing battle?  I
just try to keep it from being frizzy.  I
will try to get some photos up soon somehow, and you can see.


We went to have photos for our Clifford I.D. cards taken
last night.  They took the photos and
then Photo-shopped them!  They removed
pimples, and other skin blemishes.  This
was strange to us, but we sure liked the pictures! J


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