School Bus Fiasco plus Good News!

Happy Birthday, Mom! 

So the school bus mess…  We were told the wrong time to meet the bus, so the kids were going WAY early and we were sending them off with a driver before the bus even arrived at, or left, Clifford.  No wonder we were confused!

The driver today was a total crank besides.  He didn’t listen to the name or address of the school, so he took the kids to the WRONG SCHOOL, and then when he finally got them to the right school 45 minutes late, he made our daughter pay him extra for his mistake.  Now everyone has learned:  You pay what the driver agreed upon before leaving and no more.  Humph.

Good News!  Today we found baking soda, and baking powder, and yeast!  It’s not cheap, but now we can make some stuff (in our little toaster oven, lol).  Also, Mr. Hot Stuff brought home our new BlendTec blender.  Happy Day!  We had it built for us (Mr. Hot Stuff has a business connection with the company) and though it wasn’t cheap, it is going to work hard for us.  I can grind wheat in this machine, among all the other cool things a blender on steroids will do.  I’m so looking forward to it!

So we have all the stuff to set up our big computer here now (as previously mentioned in our bus-ride excursion into the city).  Mr. Hot Stuff went to plug it in and BAM BAM BAM!!!  I was in another room and thought he’d dropped it, but really he’d forgotten to switch the power switch to 220 before he plugged it in.  So.  We made a short trip to “Clifford town-center” and bought a new power-supply as well as making our discovery of the afore-mentioned baking supplies.  All better now and a happier cooking outlook as well. 🙂

More Good News!  Our boxes are in Hong Kong!  It turned out to be the same price for air-mail as for the slow boat.  Now we just have to get it through customs. I’m really praying that the homeschool dvd’s make it here ok.  They like to take dvd’s from you sometimes.  20/20 hindsight – we should have packed them in our luggage (not that we had any weight to spare).

Tomorrow is another try for the school bus.  I hope it works…..

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